Month: April 2018

Three Strikes

Yesterday I decided Lion should have a maintenance spanking. It’s been such a long time since I’ve spanked him I thought we both needed a refresher course. It didn’t last all that long. I alternated between quick swats and slower,

We Make More Progress

Sunday’s orgasm was the first vaginal one in over 18 months. Mrs. Lion barely mounted me when I ejaculated. Last week was exceptional for me. I was in heat almost all the time. Mrs. Lion and I have both speculated

It’s Mine. All Mine

This morning I teased Lion about how horny he’s been. I said maybe it had something to do with all the people touching my weenie during his operation and stent removal when I’m supposed to be the only one touching

I Come Back For More

After I completed my post yesterday, I asked Mrs. Lion for her comments and reaction. She agreed on my reporting but commented that I made too much of what she felt was a small thing. That thing was her changed