A Spanking Lesson From Julie

I’ve long wondered why our spanking experience is so different from those I read about. Yes, I do understand that most of what I read on the internet is either fiction, or altered fact. But there is one online spanking resource that I absolutely believe is accurate about spanking scenes. That resource is Julie, of Strict Julie Spanks. She’s a real person who has years of experience with her hairbrush, strap, and other assorted implements.

She and I exchange comments and email on a fairly regular basis. The other day, I asked about the fact that most spankings she administers end up with her husband in tears. I’ve never been close to that point. Yes, I’ve gotten very painful spankings, but no tears have been shed. I wondered what she did that’s different. I got this reply:

“I don’t think spanking to tears is about the pain, it’s much more about the emotional journey. I think “fake it till you make it” is key. Have your wife lighten up on the spanking but insist that you put on a more childish display, with kicking, begging, promising to be good, maybe insisting you call her “Mommy” if you can get into that. Then just draw out that spanking for as long as possible. Try to get that emotional regression going. I know it’s NOT AT ALL in character for you to behave this way, and would be deeply embarrassing for you, which is why it would be so entertaining to read about it!”

Yup, it wold be deeply embarrassing. Her advice makes a lot of sense. I know from my topping experience that by watching the reaction of the bottom, you can stretch out a spanking. As time goes by, a certain hormonal numbness sets it that allows the swats to get faster and harder without causing the bottom to try to get away or safeword.

As Julie wrote, a really long spanking and some prompting from Mrs. Lion could teach me to react childishly. That would add humiliation to the pain. Also, a long spanking will increase the soreness when the punishment is done. A sore bottom is probably much better as a training aid than a sharply painful spanking that leaves only a little residual soreness.

If I understand Julie correctly, the spanking is a combination of painful whomping (as Mrs. Lion calls it) and humiliating role play. Apparently, if Mrs. Lion extends the time a spanking continues and encourages me to respond in an immature way — kicking, begging her to stop, promising to be good — eventually that will become my “natural” response during a spanking. A beneficial side effect of a long spanking is a longer lasting effect to remind me of my sins.

The idea of kicking and begging and eventually shedding tears does not appeal to me. It shouldn’t. But I have to agree with Julie that it will make spanking more effective. It understood that allowing myself to be spanked is in itself, humiliating. But I didn’t consider that beyond the painful swats, it could become much more meaningful.

The “show” her husband puts on is strong evidence of her control. He’s not only accepting a sore bottom, he’s assuming a role that embarrasses him as well. I don’t know if Mrs. Lion will start me on this road. If she does, I know at least one of our readers will enjoy learning what we are doing.

6 comments on “A Spanking Lesson From Julie
  1. Mark says:

    I have a feeling that Mrs. Lion would like spanking quite a bit less if it involves Lion breaking down into tears, though.

  2. Julie says:

    To be clear, david does not cry every time I spank him. It’s an occasional thing, but I ALWAYS insist on the “acting out”. It’s not that I want him “pretending” at all, what I want is the genuine emotion he is feeling to come out. To a man who has trouble accessing his emotions, that may seem like pretending at first, but there’s where the “fake it till you make it” part comes in. It is real feeling I am after, which I get, and that is what leads to the tears when they do happen. I want david to be a “real man” all the time in real life, but when I am spanking him, that is when I want him to regress to a childish state. Him expressing his emotions does not harm my opinion of his manliness in the least.

    • wayne says:

      What’s so important about a man “accessing emotions”? It is this accessing of emotions that have turned the men in this culture to ineffective and effeminate cucks. A male can not be a “real man ” in his real life and then walk into the house and “regress to a childish state”, kicking , whining, and calling his wife “mommy”. One’s expressions of their sexuality is the real self, who that person really is. The “real David” is the crying baby. The “real man” you insist he be in real life is a mask he wears. This idea that a man who is “in touch” with his feelings and his “inner child” is a “real man” is a joke. He is not masculine. He is effeminate. No wonder this western culture is in such a mess, men as sobbing little babies and their women not questioning their manliness. Thank heavens there’s a change occurring in this country, starting at the very top.

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