Your Typical American Couple

As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday in her post, she released me from diapers Friday night. My allergies are horrible this spring. Our house has a lot of dust and dog dander that don’t help. It’s getting to me. Oddly (luckily?) a chastity device doesn’t make me itch; at least so far. Of course, when I’m this allergic, erections are few and far between. The cage isn’t particularly helpful.

Today is day four since my last orgasm. All day yesterday I felt that horny tingle. Out of my last five orgasms, four occurred after a four-day wait. It’s not particularly important to either of us. Length of wait is not the reason for orgasm denial. It’s control. Mrs. Lion owns when I get to come. Whether it is a one day or thirty day wait, it is her decision.

I worry that you get the impression that our lives are some sort of full time dictatorship. That’s how many fantasize about a Female Led Relationship, especially one with discipline (FLRD). Reality isn’t like that for us. Yes, we are kinky and I do get punished as needed. Mrs. Lion isn’t a helicopter mommy hovering over me with her paddle at the ready. We are responsible adults in a very loving marriage.

I’m autonomous for the most part. I do have rules I must follow. I do defer to Mrs. Lion’s choices. However, most of the time we’re no different than anyone else. We sometimes disagree. Mrs. Lion defers to me. It’s a normal, happy marriage with a healthy dose of BDSM.

Of course, it’s true that my cock is locked in a cage most of the time. I do get spanked when Mrs. Lion wants to educate me. That doesn’t take 24 hours-a-day. FLRD is in our hearts. It is something works for us. Enforced chastity also helps. I can’t explain why. I know I like the arrangement. It’s hot. It also helps me learn to listen more and suppress my ego. I’m better as a result.

The Internet favors extremes. What we do is less exciting to read about than people who write their fantasies as fact. I doubt many people jerk off to our posts. If you do, I don’t mind at all. But it doesn’t seem likely anyone does. What we do gets me hot. Of course, I can’t jerk off, but Mrs. Lion does it for me when it suits her.

I like that better.

2 comments on “Your Typical American Couple
  1. wayne says:

    By your standards you perceive your relationship as a “typical American couple”. I honestly disagree. Your sexual relationship, which is the single most important part of a couple’s relationship and how each of us as individuals and as a couple express our true selves, is anything but typical. Most couples who practice a so called “alternative lifestyle” often argue that in reality they are just like everyone else, that their everyday life’s are “typical’. They are mistaken. Their perceptions have been altered, clouded by their kink which becomes the center of their existence. Your blog and the existence of so many similar blogs(Ms Julie for example) bear witness to this.

    • Caged Lion says:

      We don’t consider sex as the center of our relationship; not by a long shot. We are sexually different than you, but as a couple, we are a very ordinary, happily-married pair.

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