Day Four Syndrome

Over the last month or so, Mrs. Lion has given me an orgasm every fourth day. By my reckoning, Saturday was the third day. For some reason I was incredibly horny. Mrs. Lion noticed when she teased me. Last night, I got the orgasm that Mrs. Lion promised in her post yesterday. She told me that yesterday was my fifth day. I went back to the spreadsheet and sure enough, Saturday was day four.

I was conditioned to get an orgasm every fourth day. Even though I thought Saturday was the third day, my body knew it was the fourth. I was very surprised to learn that. If Mrs. Lion changes the timing more than one day late, I wonder how that disruption will feel. I think there is no chance my permanent orgasm interval is every four days. That doesn’t fit Mrs. Lion’s pattern. She likes to mix things up. I wonder if it will be much harder to wait when my body “expects” that orgasm on the fourth day. I know I will feel it.

I wonder if this is part of her plan. Lull me into a four-day ejaculation cycle. Then, Bam! I have to wait much longer. Yup, she would do that. But, on the other hand, making me a reliable ejaculator, always ready on the designated date has some advantages too. Saturday’s teasing session proved that.  Only Mrs. Lion knows what’s coming, or not coming next.

What do you think?