Month: May 2018

Hand Job Tonight

We went to the casino yesterday. We lost some money but we were entertained and that was the point. We got to play some games we’d never seen before as well as some favorites. I think if you go to

Making The Pain Last

I’m writing today’s post early. Sunday night’s  we got to play. I wasn’t sure we would get to do anything on this trip. The high altitude (just under 3,000 feet) reduces the amount of pollen in the air. That raises


I made sure we had time for play last night. I was planning on using Velcro on him but Lion had flashbacks to the sore on my weenie. He doesn’t want me to use Velcro again. I think he’s overreacting

The Most Exotic Kink

Have you noticed that on our site (and others), when the post deviates from your particular kinks, you might emit a silent “eeew”. Some alien kinks send little shocks of arousal; others are just repulsive. “Kink friendly” is a very