Month: June 2018


Yesterday we really started cleaning the house for our guests this weekend. Normally I do most of the work myself. It’s silly. I really only need to clean the bird cages and do the things that stir up dust. Lion

The Thin Red Line

What’s the difference between a BDSM play spanking and one administered as punishment? I’ve written that the difference is intensity; the punishment spanking is more painful. I’m not sure that’s correct. Plenty of play spankings, including ones I’ve given and


Up until the past few punishment spankings Lion has had, I haven’t always done a good job. Yeah they’ve hurt to some extent but Lion keeps raising the bar. I was spanking too hard, too quickly. Better to start out

We Need A New Name For It

Enforced Male Chastity’s popularity doesn’t seem to be growing. Maybe it’s the name. Chastity” after all, conjures images of virginal young women. Over time, it acquired a decidedly female connotation. The actual definition is to refrain from extramarital sex, or