Month: June 2018

Sandal Weather

Lion finally got a good night’s rest last night. I might have too. Sometimes I think I’m fine and then I’m face down a few hours later. Fingers crossed. I’m hoping when we snuggle tonight, Mr. Weenie will be looking

We Started With Sex

This blog is generally limited in terms of what you expect to read. It’s about power and sex; more specifically female power and domination. I’m very lucky that our relationship is rich and Mrs. Lion is so generous in her

Like a Bad Check

While we say we sleep better when we’re together, the past few nights have not proved it. Even last night after I changed the bed Lion was up a lot. I’ve been sleeping but not well. No idea what’s going

Doing It Lioness Style

If you wonder what happened to our list of blogs we read, our hosting company stopped access to that plugin. I’m going to figure out another way to continue listing sites. A little over a year ago we moved from