Month: July 2018

As usual, Lion wasn’t in the cage an hour before he complained about it. Actually he said he was stupid for wanting to be caged at all. I told him he should have thought of that before he spent money

The concept of enforced male chastity is pretty new. The first practical devices only date back about thirty years. Yes, before that there were devices, but they were generally belts that restricted movement and were wearable only by the most

I forgot to lock Lion up last night. His sore spot is gone and I wanted to put the cage back on. My plan was to unlock him every day to make sure that same spot didn’t get sore again.

Learning can be fun. TV shows like “Sesame Street” have entertained and educated generations of kids. They love the show and don’t really notice that they are learning to read and do arithmetic. The education is buried in entertainment. My