Month: July 2018

Penis Fertilizer

There’s always a temptation to try to make money from a blog. I’m sure you’ve seen sites that promote books, stories, and pictures for sale. This is the tried-and-true revenue generator for otherwise free sites. There’s nothing implicitly wrong with


I was not feeling well yesterday. New medication was messing with me and I was also really tired. I’d feel okay, start to move and then I wasn’t okay. Needless to say, no play went on in our house last

Big Ring And Little Cage

Deciding on a male chastity device isn’t easy. The motive for wearing one is usually based on a desire to transfer sexual control to another person, the keyholder. Once the device is locked on, all sorts of hot things can

Good Old Fashioned Whomping

Sometimes (usually) I run into problems when Lion suggests changes. Or, more correctly, when I perceive he’s suggested a change. Case in point: his recent posts about cages. Yesterday I suggested that the blog has replaced the cage when you