Month: July 2018

Lazy Lioness

We’ve tried a lot of things over the years. Some have worked and some haven’t. Why? I’m not exactly sure but I have a theory. Well, first, it has to be a good idea. Having Lion stand on his head

The Waiting Room

After an eight day wait, Mrs. Lion get me come Friday night. I had been in the plastic cage for a couple of days without unlocking. I was uncomfortable. When I sit at my desk at home, something hurts. The


I took a break from thinking about how to torture Lion while he’s still in his cage. I unlocked him for some fun. I put some clothespins in strategic locations. Not many. Just a few in spots I thought would

Perhaps I Need A New Rule

We’ve developed patterns over the years. Generally, Mrs. Lion will give me advance notice of what’s coming, or not coming. I get this information via her blog posts, which publish in the early afternoon (here on the West Coast) or