Month: August 2018

Give It a Shot

I’m still not convinced about good boy orgasms. I can’t give Lion an orgasm any time I want? I have to wait until he’s done something (as of yet undetermined) good for him to get an orgasm? It seems to


My proposal to use orgasms as rewards has stirred up some controversy in the orthodox enforced chastity community. The main objection is that the idea of enforced male chastity is that the caged male is supposed to be forced to

Good Boy Orgasms

We have arrived. It didn’t take long to get things set up. We’re seasoned pros at this by now. We have a few issues that require attention but nothing too difficult. In a little while (I’m writing this at about

Mrs. Lion Talks Directly To My Lizard Brain

In my last post I wrote about using orgasms or lack of them as rewards and punishments. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was on the verge of a true ah-ha moment. I now realize that I