Month: September 2018

Apparently I need to be more closely supervised. I can’t be trusted with chemicals. Anything stronger than lube is no good in my hands. I assumed all Icy Hot was created equal. Why wouldn’t it be? Gel, roll on, whatever

Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday forecast Icy Hot on my penis and or balls last night. True to her word, she fetched a tube of Icy Hot cream and Icy Hot roll-on. She mentioned that she might get some on her

Yesterday after I wrote my post I mowed the lawn. An hour of back and forth, up and down, punctuated by a few stops while I decided whether I should stop or if I could actually finish. What drove me

Guilt is an unforeseen byproduct of blogging about our relationship. When I read about the things I’ve done that upset Mrs. Lion, I wonder what sort of person would be so thoughtless. How could I not respect her time? How