Month: September 2018


Apparently just the threat of Icy Hot was enough to rouse Mr. Weenie from his slumber. I think tonight I’ll use some rope or clothespins to get his attention even more. It’s always tricky when Lion is in one of

Go Figure

Sex hasn’t been on my mind much lately. I’m not sure if there is a reason for this or if it’s just biological. We’ve both been snoozing more than usual. Much of the weekend was spent in bed either napping

Weenie Van Winkle

We didn’t play yesterday either. I started the laundry, went into the bedroom where Lion was watching TV and played a bit on my iPad. Lion snoozed off and on. He asked if I wanted the heat turned on downstairs

Don’t Try This At Home

Several days ago I wrote about cock and ball spanking. One of the blogs in our “Blogs We Read” list wrote about penis spanking. Wouldn’t you know, s(he) extolled the joys of spanking the shaft. S(he) claimed reading about this