Lion has been very horny the past few days. His wait was only five days. That means nothing to him. Horny is horny.

I’ve had a stiff neck for a few days. Yesterday it became painful. It hurts to turn my head. Lucky for Lion it doesn’t hurt to move up and down. Perfect for some oral action.

I had him nice and hard before I moved into position to suck him. In the past, if I used my mouth, it meant he was getting an orgasm. It was difficult for me to gauge when to stop since I can’t see his face very well. Some time ago I figured out how to edge him. Poor Lion.

At some point, I set a goal of doing more oral orgasms than hand jobs. Well, I wanted to equal the number of hand jobs. It hasn’t worked out that way so far, but I’m still game. Lion is too.

Actually, I’m glad Lion has no idea if he’ll get an orgasm just because I’m using my mouth. I mean, if I’m still going for my goal, his chances are still good. But I like keeping him on his toes. I think it’s better when he doesn’t know. Of course, even if he did know, it doesn’t mean he’ll know exactly when. I don’t always edge him the same amount each time. Sometimes he gets edged over and over. Sometimes he gets edged only a few times. And it doesn’t matter if he’s getting an orgasm or not. On your toes, Lion.

Fortunately for Lion, last night’s oral ministrations had a happy ending.

2 comments on “Toes
  1. Mark says:

    I think it’s great for Lion not to know if playtime is going to have a happy ending, regardless of the type of play. Speaking from the other side, I can definitely report that this will keep his interest at a high level.

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