Don’t Try This At Home

Several days ago I wrote about cock and ball spanking. One of the blogs in our “Blogs We Read” list wrote about penis spanking. Wouldn’t you know, s(he) extolled the joys of spanking the shaft. S(he) claimed reading about this practice in a “domme” magazine. The word “domme” was invented after a contest to come of with a female noun for dominant (which happens to be an adjective) on the old alt.spanking newsgroup. I dislike it intensely.

Anyway, this post suggested beating the erect penis with a ruler. A hard penis is a little less easy to damage with spanking. But, the tissue that allows the penis to get hard can be seriously injured by beating it. The blogger then extolled the value of a strong liniment applied to the shaft. Somehow, applying this hot stuff caused tears and moans but the penis stayed hard.

I can’t comment on this sort of torture. Mrs. Lion restricts her application of hot stuff to my balls and below. When she feels merciful, she’ll play with my penis while my balls are burning. The arousal reduces my suffering. The more aroused I am, the more pain I can take. It’s a survival strategy. Once mating has started, nature wants us to complete the activity so we can reproduce. When Mrs. Lion stops playing with me, the pain becomes nearly unbearable. Hot stuff is a favorite activity when I’m strapped into my sling.

All real-life BDSM organizations offer extensive play safety training for their members. Generally, experienced sex educators offer workshops on topics like bondage, spanking, CBT, anal play, and lots more. Sadly, there isn’t an Internet equivalent. YouTube is pretty prudish about such videos. In any case, YouTube lets anyone put up a video, so you wouldn’t know if the so-called safety lesson is correct.

Irresponsible bloggers frequently offer vivid descriptions of dangerous play without any “don’t try this at home” warnings. I was safety director and dungeon master for a very large BDSM organization. We offered extensive hands-on training in play techniques. I’m very sensitive about safe play. I’m particularly put off by people who present fantasy as fact, particularly when what they write about is dangerous.

For the record, I’ve removed the offending blog from our list. Play hard AND play safe!


  1. I would think he penis could be easily damaged when erect. I’ve never experienced really serious penis spanking. But I have had Icy Hot applied all over my penis and scrotum—as well as my nipples and anal crack. No Icy Hot has ever been put in me—that would likely be very dangerous. But my Queen applies it to Angus and Angus always responds. So there I am erect while I feel good but knowing that I am soon going to feel the heat! Once the heat takes hold, I have a difficult time not moving. I want to move to make the sensation a little less—or maybe just more bearable. It’s a good thing that the sensation doesn’t last too long. 15-20 minutes at max though after 10 minutes everything starts to feel better!

    1. Author

      After 10 minutes Mrs. Lion applies another coat. So far not to the shaft or head.

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