Apparently just the threat of Icy Hot was enough to rouse Mr. Weenie from his slumber. I think tonight I’ll use some rope or clothespins to get his attention even more. It’s always tricky when Lion is in one of his slumps. Do I let him work it out on his own or do I intercede? The whole exercise of enforced chastity and female led marriage with discipline is for Lion. If he’s not interested in play, why would I want to force him?

Of course, I’ll pounce when the opportunity presents itself. If he’s horny, it’s on! It may not be as “on” as he’d like it. He’d much rather have an orgasm every chance he gets, but that’s not quite how it works. I’ll edge him as much as he’d like – and sometimes more than he’d like – but he won’t necessarily get the brass ring.

And whether he’s ready for play or not, the rules are still in play. Last night he was almost punished. I came home with my arms full of groceries, kicked the front door closed, called the dog who then made all sorts of noise, got the dinner I’d bought all ready, and there was no sign of Lion. I even called the dog back into the kitchen when she’d gone into the bedroom. If Lion wasn’t coming to help me, I reasoned he should either be in the shower or dead. He was neither. His face was buried in a laptop.

I was annoyed. He said he didn’t hear me come in. Didn’t hear the door slam, didn’t hear the dog (it’s kind of impossible to miss her floor show when one of us comes home), didn’t hear me call her back to the kitchen. He apologized. I let it go. Why? I don’t know. I’m finding that things are bothering me more than usual. It’s partly work. We have new people who just don’t seem to be getting it. Then the people who have been here for a while start losing their ability to function too. It’s stressful, hence the sign on my desk.

So I didn’t punish Lion. He didn’t do anything on purpose. What can I do? If he says he didn’t hear me, he didn’t hear me. It’s not like I yelled for him. I just made enough noise to wake the dead. OK. Breathe.


  1. You didn’t mention if he was locked up, so I am assuming he wasn’t. He needs to be locked at all times. After all, this is the Male Chastity Journal!

  2. Author

    Chastity – the state or practice of refraining from extramarital, or especially from all, sexual intercourse. No mention of being locked up.

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