Month: September 2018

Burnt Toast

Here’s the thing: I really do see the value in letting Lion know how I feel. The problem is that I’m working against mumbly-two years of not letting people know how I feel. And another problem is that I’m never

Zero Tolerance

We’re in the midst of an evolutionary step in our disciplinary relationship. Mrs. Lion is holding me accountable for less tangible issues that bother her. Until now, my rules are very concrete and behavioral. She always eats first and I


I didn’t punish Lion last night. It’s true, he’s been annoying me more than usual lately. But then, everything has. It’s a combination of work and the unknown about the sleep study I did last night. Is he really being

Real Growth In Our Female Led Relationship With Discipline (FLRD)

Mrs. Lion told me that she is generally more annoyed at things. Those things include me. I wouldn’t say that my transgressions rise to a very high level, but they pissed her off. There have been two this week. She’s