Month: September 2018 (Page 4)

Several days ago I wrote about cock and ball spanking. One of the blogs in our “Blogs We Read” list wrote about penis spanking. Wouldn’t you know, s(he) extolled the joys of spanking the shaft. S(he) claimed reading about this practice in a “domme” magazine. The word “domme” was invented after a contest to come of with a female noun for dominant (which happens to be an adjective) on the old alt.spanking newsgroup. I dislike it intensely.

Anyway, this post suggested beating the erect penis with a ruler. A hard penis is a little less easy to damage with spanking. But, the tissue that allows the penis to get hard can be seriously injured by beating it. The blogger then extolled the value of a strong liniment applied to the shaft. Somehow, applying this hot stuff caused tears and moans but the penis stayed hard.

I can’t comment on this sort of torture. Mrs. Lion restricts her application of hot stuff to my balls and below. When she feels merciful, she’ll play with my penis while my balls are burning. The arousal reduces my suffering. The more aroused I am, the more pain I can take. It’s a survival strategy. Once mating has started, nature wants us to complete the activity so we can reproduce. When Mrs. Lion stops playing with me, the pain becomes nearly unbearable. Hot stuff is a favorite activity when I’m strapped into my sling.

All real-life BDSM organizations offer extensive play safety training for their members. Generally, experienced sex educators offer workshops on topics like bondage, spanking, CBT, anal play, and lots more. Sadly, there isn’t an Internet equivalent. YouTube is pretty prudish about such videos. In any case, YouTube lets anyone put up a video, so you wouldn’t know if the so-called safety lesson is correct.

Irresponsible bloggers frequently offer vivid descriptions of dangerous play without any “don’t try this at home” warnings. I was safety director and dungeon master for a very large BDSM organization. We offered extensive hands-on training in play techniques. I’m very sensitive about safe play. I’m particularly put off by people who present fantasy as fact, particularly when what they write about is dangerous.

For the record, I’ve removed the offending blog from our list. Play hard AND play safe!

I was up around 8 this morning. Lion slept till 10:30. I made breakfast and we watched our football team actually win a game. Now it’s mid afternoon, my post is late and I’m just starting the laundry. That still leaves us plenty of time to play. (Which is exactly what I said yesterday and the day went to hell.)

Last night I tried to arouse Lion and didn’t have much success. I even tried the Magic Wand. His allergies have been bothering him. I changed the bed but it takes time for that to have an effect. It’s also only a few days since his last orgasm. He’s not always ready right away. And we had hot dogs for dinner which bother him sometimes. I’m not sure how things will work out for the sling today but we can certainly give it a try. Lion may say he’s broken if I can’t get him excited. I say he may just be in a slump and he’s under no pressure to perform. If things don’t work today, maybe they’ll work tomorrow.

Lion may not feel like going in the sling at all. We haven’t talked about the state of the weenie today. I could always shove the small nJoy butt plug up his butt instead. He doesn’t have to be aroused for that and, who knows, it make turn him on for later. I know Lion doesn’t like to dictate what we do or don’t do, but it doesn’t make much sense to me to go through the motions of getting him in the sling if he already knows he’s not in the mood. It’s just a waste of time for both of us.

I’m always up for snuggling. I just worry I’m annoying him when I try to get him excited when he won’t be. Just as he worries he’s broken, I worry I’m not doing something right.

So far this weekend has been an old-settled-married-couple time. Saturday was sleeping late, watching TV and hot dogs for dinner. Mrs. Lion and I snuggled and she tried to get my motor runnng. I couldn’t get very excited even after she brought out the power tool. She said it was because it was just a couple of days since my last orgasm. It had been three days; more than enough time for me to get up a fill head of steam. I suspect it was the hot dogs. They give me the farts. Sex hasn’t really been on my mind much. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be horny all the time. Well, if you’ve been reading the blog for very long, you know I go through highs and lows in terms of sexual interest. This could be a low, or it could be the hot dogs.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying each other’s company. I have been worrying about work. It isn’t that anything is actually wrong. It’s just that my job is very self contained and I don’t get much feedback from management. Of course, if I weren’t doing a good job I would get lots of feedback. Well, Friday I got very positive feedback. How nice. I haven’t traveled since January. I like being home but I also miss the trips cross country. Still, it’s really nice to be home. Our climate is largely unaffected by global warming, so our summer was mild and sunny. Now we go into nine months of cloudy rainy weather. Oh joy!

I’ve been reading other blogs. I love following what others are doing. Sadly, a lot of bloggers aren’t writing as often as they used to. I miss their voices. One blogger, whose “facts” are questionable to me, wrote about prostate milking as a way to clear out the pipes. That’s a sure sign that I am reading fiction. So-called prostate milking is massaging the prostate gland. Doing this is supposed to generate ejaculation without orgasm. It’s true that massaging the prostate will produce a few drops of liquid. My urologist “milked” me to get a sample for testing.

The prostate is a small contributor to semen. It is true that some guys do ejaculate from anal stimulation. It isn’t really milking. Its the fact that they can have orgasms from anal stimulation. That shouldn’t be surprising. Women routinely have anally produced orgasms. There are a lot of nerves in the anus that bundle with nerves in and around the genitals. So if you really produce semen in any quantity from anal stimulation, you are one of the lucky guys who can come via anal stimulation. More fun for you.

For me, the orgasm nerves don’t extend into my butt. That won’t stop Mrs. Lion from pegging me later today. She promised to do that in her post yesterday. I guess we’ll be dusting off the sling today. Next weekend I will be getting my full body waxing. Hair is starting to grow back. It’s finer, softer, and harder to see. From my YouTube research, this is the expected outcome from waxing.

One reader commented that his wife wasn’t successful waxing him. Waxing is a skill. You can’t just do it. Mrs. Lion and I have watched videos and we have the proper supplies. I’ve been waxed twice. The second time was better than the first in many ways. Before the session next week, I’ve asked Mrs. Lion to rewatch the “Hollywood” waxing video and reviewing the leg waxing one as well. These videos are essential I think. You can learn anything on the Internet. Take it from me, your hairless lion.

Between fixing my truck and the casino, I did some damage to my bank account. And to think, I was the one who suggested going! Oh well. I was somewhat entertained while I lost my money. Lion had fun and I had fun watching Lion have fun.

We didn’t play last night. I was really tired by the time we got home. I think that was a given when we decided to go to the casino. But I did promise Lion some dungeon fun this weekend. We woke up late today so we may push our shopping off till tomorrow. That would still give us time either day for play. It’s raining so neither of us is motivated to go outside anyway. Snuggling up and watching movies sounds like a plan.

The other night I noticed some fur growing back on my balls. It felt like five o’clock shadow to me. Lion took a picture and said there are some longer hairs but we should still wait at least a week for waxing. He figures every four weeks should be the goal. Apparently that’s what people do when they go for professional waxing. Since Lion bought another wax warmer, we are fast approaching professional capacity. It shouldn’t come as any surprise. Lion researches and stocks up on most things we need. We have hundreds of diapers, more barbecue sauce than we can use, and cookbooks galore. My boss laughs at me when she mentions something she’s thinking about buying and I say we have three in our garage. Sometimes we sell stuff and other times we can find the perfect gift for someone without leaving the comfort of our own home.

This latest wax warmer is double barreled. He found out that the stripless wax we’ve been using isn’t the preferred one for sensitive areas like balls. There’s one with a lower melting temperature so it won’t burn him when it’s applied. Not that I’ve actually burned him. He just gets a nasty jolt sometimes. Not as bad as when he scalded himself but a jolt nonetheless. Next time I wax, we’ll have all four waxes at our disposal and I can de-fur him more safely. I may need to color-code Lion so I can keep track of which wax goes where.