Month: October 2018

Halloween Fun

I’m not sure if I feel yucky because I’m getting sick or if the CPAP is doing it, but I was achy and blah last night. Poor Lion has to put up with my not feeling well a lot. I

Just Assume The Position

In some respects, Mrs. Lion and I write about the wrong stuff. I tend to discuss how things should (or do) work in our FLRD and Mrs. Lion reports the “news”. Years ago I was the “expert” having had long

Fire in the Hole

I remembered to take the ginger out of the refrigerator last night so it could get to room temperature. I don’t think Lion was particularly in the mood for figging, but I did it anyway. Actually I know he wasn’t,

Figging — Hot Stuffed Me

Sunday night, after dinner, Mrs. Lion brought in her Box O’Fun. I picked a card. Mrs. Lion read it and announced that on Monday night I would be figged.  It’s been a very long time since she has done this