Month: October 2018

Nineteen Zaps for Penalties & 33 Swats for Points Scored

The only thing good about the Giants right now is that next week is a bye week so they can’t lose. I decided on Saturday that we would play our football game while watching the Giants since that’s the only

Graduate School

Before knowing me, Mrs. Lion never spanked her partner nor did other painful things to him. It wasn’t in her sexual vocabulary. I taught her all about such things. I showed her my collection of BDSM toys. I offered lessons

Waxing Time Again

Last night we had very vanilla sex. Well, Lion did. And vanilla in the sense that we used no implements or BDSM. I didn’t make Lion choose from the Box O’Fun so he didn’t have anything to look forward to.

Mrs. Lion’s Mighty Spanking Spoon

    As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I was punished for not reminding her that Thursday is punishment day. We had a weekend visitor a week ago so we temporarily moved Mrs. Lion’s paddle collection to the