Month: November 2018

Wanna See My Weenie?

When I wrote my post yesterday, I was going to include a picture of my penis oozing semen as I experienced a broken orgasm. I thought better of it late Sunday night. If you’re curious, here is a link to

More Chances for Swats

Yesterday the Seahawks played the Rams. Our Giants don’t play until tonight so Lion suggested playing our football game for both games. Silly boy. I guess he really wanted to give me an opportunity to test out my new paddles.

Unintended Consequence

When I suggested that Mrs. Lion give me broken orgasms (ruined orgasms) instead of full ones, my thought was that I could maintain my rather frequent ejaculations while reserving the big “O” for special occasions. In my mind it was

Honing My Craft

I have a very horny Lion. I’ve gotten quite good at edging him and leaving him wanting more. Ironically, it was his own doing. He suggested having more ruined orgasms and fewer regular orgasms. I was sure how I felt