New Paddle and Football

Lion said he wished the Giants hadn’t scored so much yesterday. I think Tampa Bay shouldn’t have scored as much. I’m glad the Giants are scoring more. I just wish they could limit their opponents to fewer points. Lucky for Lion, there weren’t too many penalties. But he did get swats for Eli Manning getting sacked a few times.

I used a combination of a new paddle and the newer tenderizer. I needed the tenderizer side for fumbles and sacks, but I also used it a few times for scores (on the non-tenderizer side, of course). The new paddle isn’t much of a paddle. It’s more of a stick. It’s about two inches wide and I haven’t decided if I like using it across both cheeks at a time or just one. It’s certainly long enough to swat both cheeks at once. I asked Lion if he feels it more on one cheek than the other. He said, generally, the furthest cheek feels it more but I was very even-handed with the new one yesterday.

When I had given him fourteen swats for the first score, Lion asked how I like the new paddle. How can I tell with fourteen swats? I’m not even sure after a hundred=forty-some swats between the two paddles. A few times it felt too long. Other times it was fine. Confusing the issue was the fact that the dog decided she needed to be right where I needed to be while I spanked Lion. My angle was off at times. I’ll need more research.

I do know that Lion’s buns were sore. He even said he had a sore spot a few hours later although there was nothing evident. I don’t think I bruised him. I wasn’t trying. I suppose the thin paddle/stick would be just the thing to give a bruise. If I could concentrate its tiny head on one spot, I’m sure poor Lion’s butt would be bruised.

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  1. Aaron says:

    You should feel lucky you weren’t doing this with the Monday Night Football game!

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