NFL Spanking Game: Lion 146 Swats!

spanked lion butt

This is the new long paddle. It’s only 1-3/4 inches wide, 20 inches long and and 3/4 inch thick. The marks on my butt came from this paddle, plus a few from the tenderizer.
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Sunday, our New York Giants won a second game in a row. The score was 38 to 35. At two swats a point, I received 146 swats with the new, long spanker. As you can see in the image [Right], it did some damage, particularly near my crack. The red spots came from the tenderizer. I get two swats every time the lion’s quarterback is sacked.

My bottom burned all through the game. I also had my shock collar around my balls. There were about ten fouls that earned me shocks. Mrs. Lion had the volume turned way down so there was very little pain.

As the game wore on, I found it increasingly difficult to cheer Giants’ touchdowns. Each one cost me 14 painful swats. As soon as the extra point was kicked, Mrs. Lion walked to my side of the bed. I rolled over and she proceeded to hit me 14 times. Hooray, the Giants scored!!! Ouch, ouch, ouch…. you get the idea.

Lion's spanked ass detail

Even though the paddle reached across my butt, this small area on the right side of my crack got the worst of it.
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She hit me from my left side, like in the picture. I was flat on my stomach. I have no idea why the small area on the right side of my bottom was so red. The picture [Left} gives you an idea of the damage. For some reason, photos without retouching, like this one,, don’t convey just how red and sore I am.

All paddles have sweet spots where they concentrate their force. Most likely, it has more to do with the spanker’s position rather than the paddle, that determines where the most damage is inflicted.

Mrs. Lion is very strong. I’m sure that she wasn’t hitting full force during our game. It felt to me that she was experimenting with different ways to use her new paddle. When she gets the feel of it and wants to send me a strong message, I’m very sure that I’ll have black-and-blue marks as well as a much larger red area. This is our most fearsome paddle.

Heart paddle on lion butt

This is the new heart paddle. Mrs. Lion didn’t use it on Sunday. We used my freshly-spanked butt as a backdrop so you can see it.
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Speaking of fearsome, our heart paddle arrived on Saturday. After the game, we took advantage of my upturned bottom to photograph the heart paddle against my bottom as backdrop [Right]. Those points inside the heart are very sharp. The cutout is straight with no beveling on the edges of the two hearts. Chances are very good that a solid swat will etch the heart shape into my bottom, with a cut where the heart comes to a point.

When Mrs. Lion gives it a try, we’ll post a picture. She thinks we should round the edge of the point to reduce cutting. I suggested that we try it out as-is first. As you can see in the image [right], with just the right aim, she can put a heart on each cheek in a single swat.

I both look forward to and dread our weekly NFL football game. The sweetness of the Giant win offsets some of the burn in my bottom.

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