Month: November 2018

Grab Bag

I’m trying very hard to get into working this morning. That’s a lie. For every work thing my brain does, it goes off on three tangents. I have taken care of some emails and handled almost all of the 60

Sexual BOGO

There’s a retail practice known as “BOGO” — Buy One Get One. Generally, it means that if you buy one of something at regular price, you get another for free or for a reduced price. It’s a time-honored way to

The End is Near

This morning I was thinking today is Black Sunday. It’s the last of our four days together. And what do we have to show for it? I think we’re feeling a little better. Lion keeps saying he’s better and then

The Secret Of Long Term Enforced Chastity

Our relative silence is due to our joint cold. I’ve been sleeping sixteen hours a day. Today is a bit better. I’m writing this post on my iPad in bed. Did you know that Costco cold pills have a sweet,