Month: December 2018

Lion is Feeling Better. Zzzzzzzzz….

This morning, I participated in Wreaths Across America. Volunteers lay wreaths on military graves simultaneously in all national cemeteries. I had no idea there were national cemeteries except for Arlington before we moved out here and I saw a sign

Five Years Into Male Chastity

It’s five years since Mrs. Lion locked me into a Chinese chastity device. You can see it (right). It had a hinged base ring. The hinge pinched my tender scrotum. The device was barely wearable. Somehow I managed to keep

Locking Cock Ring

My view on enforced chastity has been evolving over the last five years. It began when I found myself aroused thinking about my penis living in a small cage that prevented any sexual activity. My wife and lioness would have


I’m such a pushover. Lion showed the first signs of being interested in sex last night and I gave him an orgasm. This is after telling him that I was just going to get him hard and leave him hanging.