Month: December 2018

It’s the slightest bit possible that I overreacted to Lion’s email the other day. Ok, it’s entirely possible. Yes, I did. A little. I guess Lion tends to get very “Men Are From Mars…” when it comes to my kids,

Thursday night, punishment night, came with a list of offenses to be disciplined. Mrs. Lion chose the new, heavy, spanking spoon. She began hard and fast. Before she could get to 20 swats, I was trying to roll away. She

I unlocked Lion last night and edged him closer than I ever have before. Mr. Weenie was still at full attention for a few minutes afterward. As he slowly started to sink to half mast, I grabbed him again and

Since we post nearly every day, a lot of information is passed between us each day. For example, before last Sunday’s NFL spanking game, I commented that Mrs. Lion was going easy on me with both shocks and swats. As