Year: 2019

Hard But No Cigar

Lion thought he was horny last night. Turns out it was a case of the body being willing but the mind, not so much. I can’t blame the fact that it was late. He’s been sleeping a lot other times.

Whose Balls Are These?

Lion seems surprised that I think I own his balls. I mean, it’s certainly not something that occupies my mind 24/7, but I do realize that he gave me ownership of his sexual satisfaction or lack thereof. He doesn’t bat

Castrated Lion

The other night we were watching reruns of the sitcom “Mom”. Bonnie, mother of the main character, is an amoral sociopath. In the episode we were watching, Bonnie had just reconciled her on-again-off-again relationship with her paraplegic boyfriend. As part

Chocolate Milkshake to the Rescue

Lion didn’t manage to write a post for today. He may be steadier on his feet but he doesn’t feel well enough to be on his feet much. He thought about sitting at his desk to write a post today