Year: 2019

Heading in the Right Direction

I’m still really tired today but I got a lot done yesterday. The thing that I thought would be the worst chore turned out to be nothing. And the chore that I didn’t even realize I had to do turned

It’s Different When The Cage Is On

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote that I may be sorry that I reminded her to lock me in my Jail Bird. She went on to say that she might be too tired after doing chores to unlock me

Late to Bed; Early to Rise

I’m up early, yet again, because of the dog. She needed to go out and there was an Amazon Fresh order waiting for me at the door. Lion was still sleeping and I expected him to stay asleep for at

Punishment Night

(This isn’t fiction.)We finish dinner while watching “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy”. The dishes get cleared and washed. I lie on top of the bed and watch TV while Mrs. Lion takes her shower. When she’s done, she comes out