Month: January 2019

My Left Hand

If you wonder why I am so tempted to fondle, here’s a view of me at my desk working on this post. Since I am required to be naked, access is all too easy, (Click image to view larger) In

Don’t Move!

Yesterday, Lion was quite busy. He had meetings. He had to get fitted for a knee brace. He had to go to physical therapy. In all the running around, the poor boy forgot it was punishment day. I noticed he

May I?

Guys under the control of a keyholder eventually observe changes in their sexual behavior. Some claim that the longer they wait the more they change. I’ve been skeptical of some of these claims. I have to admit that the more

He Can Wait

Well, two of the hated teams are out of the playoffs. The Cowboys lost Saturday and the Eagles lost Sunday. Unfortunately, the Patriots won. I took a picture of Lion’s butt before our spanking game but it didn’t look much