Paddle Sores

Lion's butt with two paddles

The new, solid paddle (left) shown with the paddle Mrs. Lion has been using in her experiments. They are identical size and weight. The only difference is that one has holes drilled in it.
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Wednesday’s mail brought our new paddle. It’s the twin of our “Spencer” paddle, the one with holes (see image right). My theory is that the holes in the paddle (right) cause the red spots on my butt after a spanking.

As you can see, the two paddles are identical in size and weight. The only difference is that one has holes drilled in it. There’s no question in my mind that both paddles are equally punishing. There’s a popular theory that drilling holes in a paddle allows air to pass through, thereby giving the paddle more speed when it hits its target. When you consider that each hole takes up a tiny part of the paddle’s surface area, it’s inconceivable to me that there is any difference in the striking power of one version over the other.

Wednesday night is supposed to be our “experiment” time. This week, Mrs. Lion was just too tired. She worked most of the day and then drove me into the city to see a doctor. I’ve been having trouble with my knee. By the time we got home and had dinner we were both pooped. Mrs. Lion decided she would put off this week’s experiment by one day.

My experience with the “hole” paddle has adequately demonstrated that this heavy, 3/4 inch thick tool inflicts substantial pain and suffering. I don’t look forward to the weekly spanking event. However, it serves a couple of valuable purposes: I am being trained to remain in position while receiving a punishing spanking. Mrs. Lion is learning how to inflict a true disciplinary spanking. She is also getting experience generating lasting effects on my bottom.

On the left, my spanking from Jan 2. On the right, Jan 10. The left spanking was done with the holy paddle. The color balance in both pictures is precisely the same. The red is not enhanced.
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After watching a little TV, Mrs. Lion got out the new unholy paddle and had me lie across the bed. She gave me 20 groups of fifteen swats each. As you can see in the picture, her technique has improved over the last week.

The image on the left was taken on January 2. There is substantially less  marking. I can’t detect any difference I can attribute to the holes. So that theory is clearly wrong.

Lion's butt the day after his spanking

Here is my butt today; the day after. Lots of painful marks.
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Mrs. Lion’s technique, however, has improved considerably. She raised welts last night; something she hasn’t done before. She also hit much more surface. As you can see, the redness goes from my upper thighs all the way to the top of my crack. Because the paddle has substantial surface area, hitting a little higher isn’t dangerous. The force is spread over a much wider area of skin. You can see that there are bruises developing in the right image.

I’ve changed too. Even though the spanking was obviously more severe, I felt as though I were glued to the bed. I had absolutely no impulse to move away. It looks like you can teach an old lion new tricks. Next time, Mrs. lion will be giving me groups of 20 swats. We are still at a total of 300. That seems to be more than enough for both of us, at least for now. I suspect punishment spankings will go well beyond 300.

What do you think?