Like a Safe Word

Lion’s had some ongoing health issues. We both do, but his are more pressing at the moment. Stereotypically, guys are less likely to go to the doctor. I guess this is another way Lion and I are opposite. He’ll go to the doctor. I have to be cajoled and practically dragged there. One of the reasons we put play on hold is because life interferes. More often than not, it’s because of a health issue. I’m achy. His tummy is bothering him. I’m tired. He’s sore.

Last night I came out of the shower and then brought out the paddle I’ve been using for our spanking experiment. I asked Lion if he was warm enough. He’d been under the blankets since dinner. He said he was warm enough but didn’t think he was in the mood for our game. His eyes were bothering him. We’d already put off the game for one night since I’d forgotten. There’s not really any problem putting it off again. Even if it was a real punishment there wouldn’t have been a problem. A health issue, to me, is like a safe word. No more need be said.

Even if we had spent all week preparing for one night of playing, once one of us said there was something wrong, we’d have to stop. Has it been billed as a second honeymoon? Did we spend a lot of money on a lavish hotel? Headache! Hit the brakes. Let’s snuggle.

Lion is the most important person to me. Why would I want to continue doing things to him if he doesn’t feel well? Why would he want me to continue to do things to him if I’m hurting my back, for example? Not only is it common sense, it’s love. I will beat Lion’s butt until it’s bruised and bloody, but I will also bring him ice for his knee or Tylenol for his headache. And he’d do the same for me. Minus the bruised and bloody butt, of course.

What do you think?