Zombie Eye Drops And A Sore Bottom

large wooden spoon

This is Mrs. Lion’s large wooden spoon.
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One of the medicines I was taking for my eye made me a space cadet. Mrs. Lion skipped work on Monday and took me to the eye doctor. Fortunately, my condition improved dramatically. I was able to stop taking my zombie drops. I’m surprised that eye drops can dramatically affect all of me. This particular medication and I don’t get along very well.

Because I’ve returned from the living dead, Mrs. Lion gave me a very nice hand job and orgasm on Monday night. It had been five days since my last orgasm. I was also spanked on Monday night. Mrs. Lion designated Saturdays as punishment days in addition to Monday and Thursday. She did this, I think, because I am very good at remembering Monday and Thursday and she wanted to challenge me.

I forgot on Saturday. She wrote about that Monday. So, I got a spanking. She used the large wooden spoon. A year or two ago, I wrote that this wooden spoon is the most fearsome paddle in Mrs. Lion’s arsenal. On Monday night I was surprised to discover that it isn’t very vicious at all. This, of course, is due to the fact that our paddle collection and my lioness have both gotten significantly more vicious in recent times.

spahing spoon on Lion's butt

This is our new spanking spoon shown on our size indicator (my butt). It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is the meanest paddle we own.
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The spanking began with 15 swats to the same spot. She concentrated on the lower part of each cheek. It wasn’t nearly as bad as my last punishment when she used the spoon-shaped paddle. There’s no comparison in terms of the pain the latter inflicts.

At least, that’s what I thought as the spanking progressed. After she had done a few sets of swats on each cheek, she began alternating very hard swats one at a time. First, she hit my right cheek, then the left. It felt like a different paddle. She was hitting very hard. After she did this for a while, she alternated hard swats on my upper thighs. That really hurt!

I’m no stranger to spanking pain. But when she began hitting hard on my tender thighs, I began wishing I were in another county. Each blow burned like fire.

Lion's punishment stool

My punishment stool. Sitting on this with a freshly spanked bottom really hurts.
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Finally, when she was done, she got up and brought the punishment stool into the bedroom. As you may recall, this is a standard stool with a very rough coconut welcome mat fastened to the seat. She set it up in the corner and told me to have a seat. I gingerly lowered myself onto the scratchy surface. It really hurt! I don’t know how long she made me sit on the punishment stool. But it felt like a very long time.

That’s what I get for writing a post that reminded her of this instrument of torture. She thanked me for reminding her. It’s always good to be of service. I do try to be helpful.

Before my bottom had a chance to cool down, Mrs. Lion moved over for a snuggle and a hand job. She teased me a bit, but ended the session by giving me a very nice, full orgasm. I didn’t expect it. You know, I think it was a gift to celebrate the fact that I had rejoined the living. Oh boy, had I!

When Mrs. Lion brings out a toy she hasn’t used in a long time, like the wooden spoon, I am frequently surprised by how mild it is compared to our newer acquisitions. I’ve been buying more efficient pain-givers and Mrs. Lion has become comfortable delivering blistering spankings.

As she likes to point out, it’s what I asked her to do. Yup, I did, I do. We still haven’t arrived at a tear-producing spanking. I don’t break out in a sweat while she’s beating me. That means we still have some distance to travel. I haven’t taken her emotional temperature on spanking recently. In the past, she told me that she doesn’t enjoy doing it, but she will because I want/need it.

I wonder if that’s changed at all. Has she developed a taste for butt-whomping? I hope so. I don’t expect her to get turned on or even find it funny. It would be great if she sees it as a challenge. In a way that’s how I approach it.

Obviously, I like being spanked. More accurately, I like that I have been spanked. I’m not fond of it while the paddle falls on my bottom. I think this is a pretty typical attitude on the part of spanked males. The idea is a turn on; the reality very unpleasant.

One side effect of our recent spanking experiments is that I’m not as worried about being beaten as I was before we started. I guess what this means is that the true punishment spanking really does have to be substantially more painful than an experiment. The principal benefit of spanking as a punishment is that the knowledge of how much it hurts is enough to make me work hard to avoid earning one.

I’m not sure why, but at this point I’m not particularly worried about being spanked. I know Mrs. Lion can correct this and I’m sure in the near future, she will.

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  1. That is a mean looking wooden spoon. Perhaps not as nasty as your newest arrivals but that is likely because of the wood used for manufacturing each implement.

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