Anger Management

Last night Lion was tired and sore from physical therapy. I’ve been feeling achy lately too. We make quite a pair. Today we’re both tired. I feel like all the energy has been drained out of me.

During dinner last night I was trying to tell Lion about my boring meeting. He interrupted me. When I started again he interrupted again. I yelled at him and didn’t continue. Since he was tired and sore, I told him I wouldn’t be doing the spanking experiment but he’d definitely be getting punished tonight.

Earlier in the day, I told him I knew I needed to make some doctor appointments for myself. His response was to ask me to make appointments for myself. Hello? Did I not just say that? Why does he test me? Am I not on the brink of a nervous breakdown at work? Do I need to be pushed to the edge at home too?

It’s times like this that I find it easier to punish him for annoying me. I’m already annoyed. It doesn’t take much to make me snap. Maybe I need to take anger management classes. They’ll likely tell me to find a positive outlet for my anger, to which Lion will say, “See? I told you.” The problem is that I don’t want to take my frustrations out on Lion’s butt. That’s why I generally don’t spank him on the day of the offense. Or I’ll wait a little while. If I whomped him last night he definitely would have been bruised and bloody.

I didn’t normally spank my kids. However, one time they got me so angry that I told them they should go to their room because I felt like I was going to start hitting them and if I started I wasn’t sure that I could stop. I guess I handled it the way an anger management professional would tell me to. I defused the situation and I didn’t kill my kids. Of course, my kids weren’t encouraging me to beat their butts like Lion is.

Tonight I’ll try to get some of my frustrations out on Lion’s hide. I’m sure he’ll wind up with some bruises just from the shear number of swats he’ll receive.


  1. These are issues that Lion has mentioned before that he would like to improve with so I think a good spanking for it is fair enough and not something you should feel guilty over.

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