Month: January 2019

I Heart You

Yesterday I said I wanted a paddle that would make an impression on Lion. Yikes! Did I find one. I decided to try the paddle with the heart-shaped cutouts. The hearts have seriously sharp points. And they did some serious

Start From The Beginning

We got a comment yesterday about how challenging it is to convince a partner to institute punishment. Essentially, the writer implied that Mrs. Lion was disposed to agree with my request for punishment. He, on the other hand, wasn’t so

A Big Stick

I’ve been trying to figure out how to concentrate swats on a few areas of Lion’s butt. Months ago, when he invested in more paddles, he bought one that’s basically a stick with a handle. It’s about two inches wide

Punishment Day

In a lot of men’s minds, including mine, there is a sort of maternal connection between a submissive male and his disciplining mate. After all, being punished and rewarded are childlike activities. There’s no getting around it. I get soundly