Month: January 2019

Last night Lion was tired and sore from physical therapy. I’ve been feeling achy lately too. We make quite a pair. Today we’re both tired. I feel like all the energy has been drained out of me. During dinner last

Do you think that being naked all the time causes me to think about sex more than I would if dressed? After all, my cock and balls are treated to a wide variety of sensations and temperatures as I go

We received a comment yesterday accusing us of being obsessed with sex. Wayne wrote: “My goodness. Are you two so obsessed with sex that you keep a tally of the number of orgasms and list them in the subject lines

One of the medicines I was taking for my eye made me a space cadet. Mrs. Lion skipped work on Monday and took me to the eye doctor. Fortunately, my condition improved dramatically. I was able to stop taking my