Month: January 2019

Happy Kitty

I rarely keep track of Lion’s orgasms. He does. Of course he does. He even puts the count in the subject line of emails he sends me. By the time I get home and we play I’ve forgotten if it’s

Purple Panties And Bunny Buttplugs

One of the people I follow on Twitter, writes that she is new to the concept of femdom. She claims that her husband admitted seeing a professional who spanked him. She believed that he was cheating on her with this

The Sleepy, Spacey Lion

My latest theory is that if you start off a new year with health problems, things will get better as the year goes on. I won’t tempt fate and say things can’t get worse. They can always get worse. I’ll

Your Chastity Device Base Ring

Very often, people new to enforced male chastity struggle with sizing the so-called base ring. This is the large ring through which you thread your cock and balls (works best when you put your balls one at a time through