Will My Penis Shrink In A Short Cage?

Every so often someone asks if wearing a chastity device will cause the penis to shrink. On the face of it, there’s some logic behind this question. After all, if you stuff your penis into a small container for years on end, shouldn’t that have some lasting effect on it?

In a word, no. Every guy knows his penis changes size all the time. When he’s excited it gets longer and thicker and harder. When he goes swimming in cold water, it shrinks down to a little nub. Our cocks are flexible little buggers. I have had mine squished into a 1 inch cage for a long time. When Mrs. Lion lets it out, it springs back to its original size. As long as blood circulation isn’t cut off — this can happen with a cage that is too narrow — no harm befalls it living in captivity.

Another popular myth is that wearing a chastity device that has a base ring will make the scrotum narrower. The idea is if you start out with a ring that is one and three-quarter inches in diameter, after a while you will be able to get by with one that is only one and 1/2 inches across. I don’t understand the logic behind this, but some guys believe it.

This one has some truth to it. The body can get used to compression behind the balls and over time tolerate more squeeze. As far as I can tell, there’s absolutely no benefit to wearing a smaller base ring. Guys used to believe that a tighter base ring would add more security to their chastity devices.

I suppose this is true. It’s easier to pull your soft penis out the back of your chastity device if the base ring is roomier. A smaller base ring will increase the challenge.

I really hope you’ve gotten past the idea that a chastity device needs to be inescapable. Back in the day when guys believed the myth that keyholders made the choice to lock them up, they reasoned that trying to escape was their duty. Let’s face it, we ask our partners to lock us up. Enforced male chastity is a male concept. Women may like the idea when it’s introduced to them, but guys are the ones who initiate the lockup.

I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. Why in the world would I try to escape something I asked for? It’s illogical. Any device that attaches using a base ring around the cock and balls is escapable. This is even true if a piercing is involved. If you can get a piercing on, you can get it off. The best you can do is make escape more difficult.

That begs the question why would you want to escape something you asked for? If escape isn’t a concern, comfort certainly is. A proper fit is essential for a device you will wear 24/7/365. Therefore, you won’t be needing the tightest base ring. You will want ring small enough so that after you thread your balls and cock through it, nothing will escape on its own. When I was trying to determine what size I need, I found that a 2 inch ring allowed a ball to escape on a regular basis. A one and three-quarter inch ring kept everything in place. A one and 1/2 inch ring hurt and required some kind of lube to prevent irritation.

Clearly, the optimum base ring for me is one and three-quarter inches. That’s what I wore over five years ago, and that’s what I’m wearing now. As far as I can tell, I’ve suffered no disfigurement.

The question of permanent change comes up whenever I talk about short chastity devices. Rest assured that my cock is no shorter, thinner, thicker, or longer then it was before I ever heard of a chastity device. As long as you make sure the diameter of the tube or cage for your penis is no more than 1/4 inch narrower than your member, you can have a cage as short as you want. I think 1 inch is perfect. It’s long enough to accommodate all or most of the head and very little else. Wearing a cage this small makes erections just a memory.

Don’t worry, your penis will remember how to grow once it’s freed.

5 comments on “Will My Penis Shrink In A Short Cage?
  1. Carol says:

    LOVE the short cages.

  2. bobneils says:

    I think for some of us – those of us who are committed to long-term enforced chastity – there’s less a fear and more a fantasy that our penis will shrink. What you say makes total sense, but it’s still a psychological thrill when you can fit into a smaller cage.

    • Caged Lion says:

      Interesting that it’s exciting to think of your penis shrinking. I guess it’s a symbolic way of representing that it’s become less important. Of course, I suspect it’s actually more important. I don’t know about you, but I think about my penis far more than I ever did before starting and forced male chastity.

  3. Betty Byler says:

    I read that the penis WILL atrophy over time if the normal, occasional erections are constantly prevented.

    • Caged Lion says:

      Atrophy? I’ve never heard of that happening. Guys have been wearing confining garments of one sort or another forever. I do think that if a guy goes a long period of time without stimulation, he probably will find it very difficult to get hard again. However, I’m confident that if that happened to me I would overcome the issue and proudly get erect and orgasm once more.

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