Month: February 2019

Will My Penis Shrink In A Short Cage?

Every so often someone asks if wearing a chastity device will cause the penis to shrink. On the face of it, there’s some logic behind this question. After all, if you stuff your penis into a small container for years

Swats and Lube

Yesterday was a new try for a lube hand job. I watched the videos Lion suggested and was determined to replicate them as closely as I could. Obviously, men are not all alike so some things in the videos were

My Male Chastity

As you may have read, I “spilled” salsa on my shirt Friday night at dinner. We went out for Mexican food. Every single time we do that, I end up getting salsa on my shirt. This time, I paid attention

Whoops, I Did It Again

We went out shopping yesterday and we bought a nine pound turkey breast. As I was getting it out of the car, it got hung up on the cargo net. In all fairness, it was in a reusable bag with