Month: February 2019

Slippery When Wanked

(Thursday) Today is Valentine’s Day. We usually don’t make a big deal out of it. It feels artificial. The simple fact is that Mrs. Lion is my one true love. I make sure that I let her know that every

It’s Messy

We got power at about 6 pm yesterday. It’s always such a surprise when it comes on before they told us it would. I expect it to be a tease and go right back off again, but it stayed on.

The Lights Are On Again

The power finally came back on about dinnertime last night. I was snoozing at the time. Mrs. Lion quietly took apart the wiring she had put in, turned off the generator, and put the house in order. I woke up

Huddled Together For Warmth

We are in day two of no power. Yesterday we ventured out to get more gas for the generator and our road is a complete mess. Well, actually some neighbors with front loaders managed to clear most of one of