Month: March 2019

Penis Hobbyist

At the most fundamental level, enforced male chastity is about penis display. It’s impossible for me to know how other men think about their cocks. Is the norm that most men don’t really spend much time thinking about them at

Half a Blow Job

When I was washing Lion in the shower yesterday, my weenie got excited. I was doing an extra special soaping job so I can understand how that could happen. I went about my business and finished Lion’s shower. After I

Half A Blow Job And Soap Leftovers

As Mrs. Lion has written, most of our TV watching comes from shows we record on our DVR. Neither of us has a strong awareness when a show is actually on the air. Two or three weeks ago ABC’s Grey’s

Long Afternoon

Yesterday we ventured to Lion’s doctor appointment. It was an eye checkup for his glaucoma. It was also his first foray out of the house since coming home from the hospital. Our first hurdle was exactly how to get Lion