Month: March 2019

Two Things

There are a few things that can put me in a surly mood. Being tired and being in pain are two of them. If I’m expending a lot of energy to stay awake or deal with pain, I have less

Informed Consent

I’m sorry for being silent so many days. This is a very difficult time for me. Just two weeks ago I underwent an operation called a laminoplasty. My cervical spine was pressing on my spinal cord. An MRI revealed the

We Have Liftoff

Lion has been getting himself up for about a day now. He only needs help when he’s tired or in more pain. He’s even been walking without the walker. It’s funny to see him carrying the walker. He’s almost like

Mrs. Lion, the Builder

I’ve been researching wheelchair ramps. We built a ramp for the front steps some years ago when our senior dog was having trouble with stairs. It didn’t meet with any requirements other than her making it up easier. We still