Month: April 2019

New Man

My boss is training two people right near me this afternoon. As a result, I can’t concentrate on work. It’s the perfect time to write a post. This morning I was doing some research into Lion’s upcoming surgery. I happened

Simple Enforced Male Chastity

We didn’t write posts yesterday. I had an 8 AM appointment with my ophthalmologist and Mrs. Lion needed to drive me to it. I also had another medical appointment later in the day. We were both exhausted after getting up

Do That Voodoo That You Do

I gave Lion a more comprehensive bikini wax than I did some days ago. Obviously, with more lighting, I could see better and what I saw was all the fur I’d missed on his balls. Long fur. So I cleaned

I Finally Got Over The Top

At last! I finally got over the top and ejaculated. Mrs. Lion had to work very hard to get me there. Last night, she gave me oral sex and I found myself climbing closer and closer to the peak. Unlike