My First Post-Surgical Spanking

lion being spanked with wooden spoon

This is Mrs. Lion’s spanking spoon. It’s one of our first spanking tools. We found it at a gourmet kitchen store. its small striking surface makes it ideal for focused, painful concentration of swats. The spoon is on the spot she hit the other night.
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A few nights ago, I got my first spanking in well over a month. I had mentioned that I thought it was time to begin spanking me again, even if it was just for maintenance. On our first outing to a restaurant, wouldn’t you know it, I dropped a bit of my salad on my shirt and the salad dressing left a stain. Mrs. Lion said,

“You have something on your shirt.”

I looked down and there was a small grease stain from the salad dressing. Mrs. Lion didn’t say anything else. She didn’t give me that knowing smile I often get when she plans to punish me for breaking a rule. There was no reaction at all other than that simple statement. I wondered if she was going to punish me.

Normally, there would be no question in my mind. When it comes to spilling food or eating first, Mrs. Lion is completely consistent. However, the rules have been suspended for a while and I wondered if she was going to let this infraction slip by.

Later, after we were home, I was naked and we were in bed watching TV, Mrs. Lion left the room and came back in with her wooden spoon. She didn’t say anything. I didn’t think she was going to use the spoon to serve any food so I knew it was going to be applied to my bottom.

As spanking implements go, the wooden spoon isn’t the most ferocious tool she has. It’s capable of making me yelp and putting red marks anywhere she chooses. Again, the lack of comment or immediate action was a little confusing.

A little while later she picked up the spoon and walked over to my side of the bed. She stood over me and told me,

“I want to see the back of your front.”

This is her way of telling me to roll over and present my bare bottom for her attention. After I rolled over she began swatting me. She hit me 10 times with medium intensity on one cheek and then 10 on the other. Don’t get me wrong, medium intensity is more than enough to make me yelp in pain.

I was yelping loudly at each flurry of swats. She followed a pattern: 10 on my left cheek then 10 on my right, followed by a pause of about 10 seconds. I don’t know how many times she repeated this, but I’m very sure I received well over 100 swats. When she finally told me she was done, I rolled over with two stinging spots where she had applied her wooden spoon.

She limited the area she hit to just two small areas: one on each cheek. This was a very effective technique. She commented that I had two “nice” red spots. As I write this post, I realize I made a mistake. I failed to thank her for the spanking. This means I will get another visit from one of her spanking implements. It’s a serious offense to fail to thank her for spanking me.

She didn’t realize it at the time. In fact, she hasn’t mentioned it until her post yesterday. It’s my job to remind her. I wonder if this second spanking will be more severe than the first. I got the feeling that she wanted to get me back into condition to receive more intense beatings. I think she is going to work her way back up to the bruising, 300-plus-swats I was getting before the surgery. I hope she does.

I’ve come to realize that getting back to normal, our version of it, is really important for my recovery. I know that I still will need help with things I used to do on my own  before. In a way, needing that help makes it even more important to restore the things we can.

I did mention to Mrs. Lion that I thought we needed some new rules that she could consistently enforce. I need to feel her control in this way. Of course, she could just spank me for no reason. Her experiment was a way of doing this. I’m certainly fine with that. But there’s something deeper and more meaningful when she catches me breaking a rule and then punishes me for it.

In the past, I thought that all this was a sort of maternal role I wanted her to play. Now I know it isn’t. Through my recovery she had to do a lot of maternal things for me. These activities ranged from wiping my bottom to feeding me. I didn’t enjoy them. I didn’t think of her as my mommy.

Her role as disciplining wife is definitely not maternal to me, or for that matter to her. It’s something else. I don’t think we have a word for it. However you want to label it, I clearly need her to continue in that role. A big part of it for me is rule enforcement and punishment.

This two month hiatus brought on by my surgery may have offered us an interesting reset. It certainly made me more aware of just how important our disciplinary relationship is for my mental balance. My most recent spanking may have opened up a new technique for Mrs. Lion. I don’t recall her ever focusing on just two small areas. I’m not even sure this is something she would want to do regularly. But, it turns out that it’s very effective from my end; or should I say to my end.

After all, the purpose of spanking is to cause maximum pain without serious injury. Focused swats hurt a lot. They begin hurting immediately. I’m not suggesting that each spanking only focus on two small areas. I am suggesting that maybe working on small areas and getting them very sore before moving on to other small areas may be a technique that could make spanking much more memorable.

Of course it doesn’t really matter what I think. My job is to present my bottom, remain in place until Mrs. Lion is done, and then thank her for her efforts.

As I’ve mentioned before, regular discipline seems to connect to my libido. Somehow, being required to follow rules and getting spanked for disobeying them makes me generally hornier. Go figure!

That doesn’t mean I eagerly await my next beating. I don’t. When I know I’m going to be punished, I dread its delivery. I know I’m going to end up with a very sore bottom and some other painful and humiliating punishment dessert. You’d think that I would anticipate this activity because I know it provides me with sexual fuel. I don’t.

There’s nothing logical about the way I’m wired when it comes to punishment and sex. I think that the turn on comes from feeling the strict, consistent control; not the beating. In a way that’s splitting hairs. The control is demonstrated by hurting and humiliating me. Somehow, somewhere there is a logically consistent explanation for all this. Fortunately, I don’t need to know it for me to get the benefit of Mrs. Lion’s paddle.

What do you think?