Mrs. Lion tried valiantly to edge me on Friday night. I just couldn’t get there. This is starting to be part of a pattern. I am not sure why it’s happening, but we both get frustrated when I just can’t get past a certain point.

Both Mrs. Lion and I wrote about the fact that I forgot to thank her for my spanking last week. In case you wondered, we don’t read each other’s posts before writing our own. In fact, I wrote my Saturday post on Friday morning. Friday night, Mrs. Lion was feeling a bit under the weather and I remained unpunished for failing to thank her. In the scope of life it’s no big deal. She’ll get around to it; I’m sure of that.

For the record, I’m not looking forward to being punished. I am most definitely looking forward to getting past my current sexual block. I wonder if somehow my refractory period has grown to six or seven days. That seems unlikely, but for now I can’t think of any other reason why this issue keeps coming up.

My surgery was for cervical spinal stenosis. This is when the discs in the cervical spine squeeze into the space needed by the spinal cord. My spinal cord was under pretty severe pressure. The surgery made more room and based on a post-surgical MRI, my cord now looks perfectly normal.

The problem is that any time the spinal cord is disturbed there are risks of issues with almost any part of the body below the head. In my case, I’m having trouble with my right arm and my balance is off. According to the surgeon, this should go away in the near future. Of course there are no guarantees.

The nerves to and from my penis travel up and down the spinal cord. It could be I’m having some effects there as well. My Boner pills still work and getting an erection with or without them isn’t a problem. However, my level of arousal seems to be negatively affected. I’m hoping I’ll come back to normal soon.

Spinal surgery is always risky. During mine the surgeon reported that for a short time the monitors on my spinal cord indicated activity stopped. Fortunately, it resumed soon after it shut down. This sort of problem happens pretty frequently. I can’t help but wonder if I wouldn’t of been better off leaving the stenosis in place. The surgeon tells me that at some point I could’ve ended up paralyzed.

I also wonder whether my current sexual dysfunction isn’t partly due to the problems I’m having getting around. My vision deteriorated a bit and with my balance being off, I worry about doing things I never gave a thought to in the past.

Obviously, sex doesn’t exist in isolation. I’m hoping that as I recover, or alternately work out how to compensate for my new disabilities, I will be able to focus more energy and attention to sex. It’s a temptation to ignore sex until then. I think that would be a big mistake. Just as I am forcing my right arm to stretch itself and do things it doesn’t want to, I think that my penis needs similar physical therapy. Fortunately, I live with an excellent penis therapist.

What do you think?