Month: May 2019

No More Weenie Scratches

After a very rough start, we finally made it to our campsite. Then we had another rough start trying to get the water pressure correct. Needless to say, it was a long day with some frayed nerves. Lion and I

Involuntary Male Orgasms

Over the years she’s been writing this blog, more often than not Mrs. Lion refers to making me come as “taking an orgasm”. I hadn’t given her choice of language too much thought up until now. I always thought of

A Sense Of Proportion

I may seem fixated on the idea of getting a male chastity device that locks the head of my penis firmly in place. Maybe I am. To me at least, the one problem that makes it difficult to wear a

Getting Priorities Straight

I cleaned part of the house when I got home last night. And I worked on the laundry. Lion made dinner. I had my shower and I folded the last of the laundry. I’ve been battling a would-be migraine for