Month: May 2019

I’m still locked in the Cherry Keeper chastity device. Mrs. Lion left the keys on my nightstand, presumably to let me escape if it becomes too uncomfortable. I guess this isn’t an “official” lockup since I requested it to test

By the time we got home and I’d unpacked the camper, I was done. I told Lion I didn’t care what was for dinner or if we even ate dinner. Luckily he offered to make spaghetti. I’m still sore and

When we got home from our trip, a package was waiting with my new 3D-printed Cherry Keeper. This one is an off-the-shelf design: the short model with the medium “headlock”. I ordered this one with the “premium” finish. This extra-cost

I decided Lion should have sore buns when we went out for propane. I whomped him pretty good and could see the beginnings of bruises. I planned to spank him again last night. Rather than multiple days, I was going