Evil Thoughts

I had some evil thoughts last night I didn’t share with Lion yet. I wanted to save it for my post. One of the thoughts he’ll like. The other, not so much.

If you’d followed us along our journey, you know that Lion is notoriously difficult to bruise when I spank him. I’ve done it. It just requires focused swats and a lot of them. I’ve even drawn blood that way. I’m not sure my idea will yield any more bruising, but I was thinking maybe I’d punish him a few days in a row for more egregious offenses.

Obviously, this is the idea Lion will like most. He likes to be spanked. We tried a punishment experiment with 300 swats that bruised him. I’m not sure I’d give him 300 swats for days on end, but I could. I guess it would depend on how much of a point I was trying to make. It would certainly send a message.

My other idea is much more evil. I’m not sure if I’d ever use it, it’s so evil. Lion would hate it. I’d have to be really pissed off. The thought crossed my mind that giving Lion the silent treatment would nearly kill him. He’s asked me when I’m playing on my iPad and effectively ignoring him if I’m mad at him. Knowing I was mad at him and I was not paying any attention to him on purpose seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

I can’t even think of what he could possibly do to rate such a horrible punishment. I mean, I’ve clammed up for a little while when he interrupts or if he seems to be attacking something my kids have done. But for a full day or more? I don’t know if I could hurt him that much. I’m sure he’d much rather have a spanking that left pieces of skin hanging off his butt than to have me not talk to him.

Luckily for Lion, I don’t think things will ever come to the most evil punishment. We’d have much bigger problems than how I’d punish him if we ever got that far off the rails. Maybe that’s Lioness 10.0 sneaking a peek around the corner.


  1. I certainly agree that the silent treatment is the worst. Years ago my wife found out that I had communicated with a woman through a blog. She didn’t talk to me for days and it was miserable.
    Like Lion, I crave having my butt spanked and whipped as hard as she is willing.

    I will presume that this is just a public comment and not communicating with a woman on line, don’t want to stir up a jealous wife.

  2. Your comment is out there for all readers to see. No need for silent treatment.

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