No More Weenie Scratches

After a very rough start, we finally made it to our campsite. Then we had another rough start trying to get the water pressure correct. Needless to say, it was a long day with some frayed nerves. Lion and I yelled at each other a few times, that’s how bad it was.

Today I have to do some more fiddling with the water but it should be fine after that. Then we’ll go off on an adventure. We’re in a place we’ve been many times before. We’re probably running out of new things to find, but you never know. We seem to be able to find that one cool thing we never knew existed.

On Thursday night, Lion got some chocolate on his shirt. He’s due a punishment for that. I’ll give him a pass for all the interrupting and snarky remarks yesterday. We were both on edge. However, today we are both better rested. I will be on the lookout for interruptions and snarky remarks. If he chooses to disobey, I will add to the punishment for the chocolate.

I usually don’t do too much while we’re on vacation. Depending on how tired we are, I’m hoping to play tonight. Lion has another sore on my weenie. This one looked more like a long scratch. Now it looks a little worse. We’ll have to see if my weenie feels up to playing.

Maybe I need to lock my weenie up if only to prevent these injuries. If Lion can’t touch it, he can’t scratch it. Perhaps I’ve found another use for the Jail Bird.

What do you think?