Vacation Time

We are settled in to our campsite. Mrs. Lion had to do the work I normally perform. We were both exhausted by the time all was set up. Neither of us wanted to do more than snuggle, naked in bed. We watched sitcom reruns until we finally went to sleep.

On Thursday night I managed to get some chocolate on my t-shirt. Another three-plus days of corrections! Mrs. Lion told me that our travel bag of paddles and other toys was safely onboard our trailer. How thoughtful!

I’ve been notified that Shapeways has shipped my new Cherry Keeper. It will arrive before we get home. I should be able to start testing it by the end of the week. I’ve talked over this experiment with Mrs. Lion and she’s ok with it.

I’m wild for our vacation. Of course, I am under Mrs. Lion’s supervision the entire time we are away. All rules are in force, including being naked when “home”. Given the fact that I am “owed” a punishment, it looks like I will be getting a daily camping spanking all Memorial day weekend.

I’m not sure what will happen sexually during our trip. A lot, I imagine, depends on how tired Mrs. Lion is during the evening. Typically, she waits until bed time for sexual activity. I suggest she start earlier in the day when possible. Perhaps she can try during this trip.

I’m writing this on Saturday morning. We are both working on our posts before we head out for the day. There is no cell service or internet here. We are at a state park situated in remote woods on top of a mountain. It’s isolated and very quiet.

Sex hasn’t been on my mind. As of today, it’s been a week since my last orgasm. I don’t think it will take much to get me interested. At least I don’t think so. When Mrs. Lion decides he’s going to get me worked up, she does. She is a very determined lioness. </P >

Stay tuned.

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