Month: June 2019

A Little at a Time

Lion showed me an email this morning in which the writer thanked us for our blog, told us a little about herself, and said I should teach a spanking course. When I got to the very end, I laughed. Lion

My Lioness Evolves

It’s Saturday morning. In light of her post Friday, I asked her what she had in store for me today. I got the distinct impression that there would be considerable playing, most of it uncomfortable, with me today. She replied,

How Many Edges Does It Take to Get to the Center?

Our trip to the Chinese restaurant did not leave us too full to make play impossible. I did forget to swat Lion though. He asked me about 8:30 if I was going to. I suppose I could have rewarded him

Lion Weekend Weather Forecast: Hot And Red

I got a one-day reprieve Thursday night. Mrs. Lion decided to give my rear day of rest between spankings. It was most welcome. I know I’m still owed at least one more and it will probably be delivered tonight (Friday)