Month: June 2019

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Lion is officially all caught up with his punishments. I used the tenderizer on him last night and left some marks. I’m sure they’ll be gone by today but it was fun while it lasted. Another thing that was fun

Punishment Is An Expression Of Love

Thursday night I got a spanking. According to Mrs. Lion, I have one more after that to complete my punishment backlog. I realize that as the recipient of a spanking, my interpretation of its severity is highly subjective. For some

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

I have a lot of paddles at my disposal. There’s a bag of toys in the camper with several paddles as well as the His/Hers paddle on display. There are paddles downstairs in the dungeon. There are paddles under the

The Serial Spanker

Wednesday night we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Much to Mrs. Lion’s surprise I didn’t spill anything on my shirt. I think it was cool that she was trying to set the situation up that would earn me