The Serial Spanker

Wednesday night we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Much to Mrs. Lion’s surprise I didn’t spill anything on my shirt. I think it was cool that she was trying to set the situation up that would earn me another punishment. My lioness does have a playful side. However, I have no illusions that had I spilled something, my butt would have been every bit as sore as it would have, had I done something more serious.

After being continuously locked in the Cherry Keeper for two days, Mrs. Lion unlocked me when we got home from the restaurant. I had a sore spot just below the head of my penis. I think the headlock feature of the Cherry Keeper may have inflicted that. Clearly, we have to work on the best way to get into and out of the cage. That shelf does a good job keeping me in the right spot but also has the potential to cause a problem if I’m not careful. I think the issue has to do with getting in and out. Once I’m in I don’t feel any pressure or pain.

We haven’t been sleeping well because of the mini heatwave. Our house has central air conditioning and isn’t really designed to take advantage of breezes from outside. The AC has been out of order. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Meanwhile, we bought a window fan which did a pretty good job. Nevertheless, we didn’t sleep well and were both up at 3 AM on Thursday morning. Even though we were losing sleep, it was nice to share that quiet, early-morning time together. There was no TV or iPad between us. Eventually, Mrs. Lion got sleepy and I turned on the TV (softly) and watched reruns of “Mom”. I finally dozed off at about 5 AM.

I’m writing this post while waiting for the air conditioning repair people to arrive on Thursday. I believe I’m still due some swats and/or other unpleasantness tonight for prior offenses. Mrs. Lion is convinced that the punishments improve my sexual performance. She believes that I’m much more interested in getting off when I have a sore butt. I have no comment about that. Don’t tell her, but I think she’s right.

She’s also noted that I’m much more sensitive to her swats if I had been spanked within 24 hours of the current spanking. Even though I don’t show any marks, and I don’t feel any residual pain, apparently I am sensitized. I guess this is an argument for serial spankings. Different people respond to spanking in dramatically different ways. In my case, it’s very difficult to produce any lasting effects. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had sore spots the next day.

Part of this is my physiology and the other part is the fact that I may be too wimpy in terms of the intensity and duration of swats I tolerate. I can’t tell if I’ve improved at all in that department. Mrs. Lion hasn’t mentioned to me anything on the subject. I’ll try to remember to ask how she sees this part of me.

Regardless, this almost-daily spanking seems to have gotten her thinking about moving into the lioness 3.0 phase. I mentioned this in my post yesterday. As I see it, 3.0 is much more willing to take me to task for doing things that annoy her. I also think she may be more inclined to administer retribution promptly after an offense is committed. We’ll see.



  1. Glad your air conditioning is getting fixed. But I’m curious where you find your stock pictures. I have very little success finding what I’m looking for when I go the stock pic route.

    1. Author

      I spend a lot of time searching.

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