Up, Up and Away

Lion slept till 11 this morning. I was up at 8:30 but I fell back to sleep around 1. Apparently we’re both trying to catch up on some long, lost sleep. I like to have one day on the weekend that I don’t have a lot to do. This doesn’t usually happen, but it’s nice to dream.

If you recall, Lion was up-to-date with his punishments as of Friday night. I predicted he wouldn’t last long before he was in trouble again. I’m sorry to say, I was right. He forgot yesterday was punishment day. Oops. I didn’t swat him last night. I will do so tonight. And tomorrow night. And, perhaps, the next night. I’m crossing my fingers that he won’t gain anymore punishment by then.

We haven’t had a very good track record of edging lately. Lion’s been stuck. He gets aroused and we give it a while but he never gets any further. The other night he suggested oral sex was what he needed. This time he was right. It sill took a while and my neck was starting to hurt but I was determined to at least get him to the edge. He made it all the way to an orgasm. Beforehand, he’d reminded me it was an eight day wait. Of course, wait times don’t mean much to me. I’m not the one waiting. And, I contend, Lion doesn’t “wait” the entire time either. He’s not horny right away and if he doesn’t feel well then that day shouldn’t count anyway. Splitting hairs. There’s no effective way to measure it except by actual days on the calendar.

So now Lion has had his orgasm. I never really edged him since the last one. He’s been locked away and spanked during that time. I’m not at all sure either has any effect on his ability to be edged. I thought it might. I assume they both have an effect on his horniness. Apparently there’s no correlation between horniness and ability to be edged. Edgibility? I’ll need to figure out how to keep him unstuck. There must be a way.

What do you think?