Penis Whisperer

This narrow, heavy paddle is made of a very dense wood. It is three quarters of an inch thick and packs a serious wallop.

I’ve made a lot of mention about Lion being stuck. By this I mean that he gets excited but can’t get any further. If I can just get him to the edge once, I can do it a few times. The problem is getting him to the edge.

Last night I decided to try my hand at getting him there orally. It worked. I joked with him that “all I have to do” is use my mouth from now on and we’ll be all set. He agreed wholeheartedly. Of course, I’m not going to do that but I may have to do it more often than I have been. For all I know, it may be easier to get him to the edge tonight because I jump started the process orally last night. Maybe it’s a case of my weenie forgetting what it’s supposed to do and only by using my mouth can I convince it to perform. Maybe I’m the penis whisperer.

I have no doubt that nightly oral ministrations would get old fairly quickly. For both of us. My neck would either break or become one of the strongest necks on a woman the world has ever seen. My weenie would probably say, “Oh great. This again. Go slobber somewhere else.” It would take some time, but Lion would get tired of it. Trust me. Who thought he’d get tired of an orgasm every night? He used to “demand” that.

I did think spanking would go a long way toward helping the situation, but it didn’t seem to on Monday night. I used a different paddle last night. Sort of a flattened billy club-looking thing. I was able to swat both Lion’s cheeks at the same time. This morning he told me it was thuddy as opposed to stingy. Sting-y. When he clarified he said thicker, heavier implements produce a thud and wider, lighter implements provide a sting. I’d assume the opposite to be true.

Case in point, caning. I have no idea why I’ve been thinking about this lately, but we haven’t done caning in years and years. I guess smacking both cheeks at the same time reminds me of caning. At any rate, a cane is thin and produces a definite sting. At least I assume it does. From Lion’s reactions to it, I make that assumption. A thud from a flogger results in an “oof” noise. A sting from a cane results in a butt-clenching intake of air that sounds like a reverse hiss.

Having only been the recipient of one pinched nipple and a few playful swats, I am certainly no expert. I have to defer to my victim. I have to say, however, that recent spankings have sounded more like yowls than oofs or reverse hisses. Thuddy or sting-y, it appears to hurt. A lot.

[Lion — I would certainly welcome some caning. The cane is a combination of sting and thud. Because it is very flexible and long, the tip of the cane moves at very high speed. Since the cane is relatively narrow in diameter, it concentrates all that force on a very small area of skin. I’m not sure I would classify the cane as either stingy or thuddy. It’s in its own category of impact sensation.]

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  1. The cane is most definitely stingy!! Really really stingy!!

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