How Many Edges Does It Take to Get to the Center?

You stopped too soon!

Our trip to the Chinese restaurant did not leave us too full to make play impossible. I did forget to swat Lion though. He asked me about 8:30 if I was going to. I suppose I could have rewarded him with an end to the punishment, but what fun would that have been? He needs to learn his lesson.

After another bloody butt-whomping, I was able to get Lion to the edge several times. Is there a correlation? I have no idea. He says he loves to feel my power and having someone swat your butt for breaking a rule is powerful. I think there must be a correlation. I asked him if he’s glad I learned to spank so well. He’s not sure. On the one hand, I know he’s proud of me. On the other, he’s not so fond of the idea right after I’ve shown my prowess.

[Lion — I’m proud and grateful even if I don’t say so between yelps.]

I don’t think he’s so fond of my learning to edge him. Again, he’s proud of me, but in the heat of the moment he wishes I’d forget everything I know about it. Just keep going. Just keep going. Keep going. Damn!

Meanwhile, I’ve been wondering how long to edge him. He’s been having some trouble getting that far, but when he does, do I do it twice? Three times? Do I try to break him? Would edging him until he can’t keep it up help or hurt with the issue of not being able to make it to the edge? I mean, once he’s there, if I break him will he be able to get to the edge the next time? It’s always possible that I could go too far and he’d wind up with a ruined or salvaged orgasm. That certainly won’t help. I’m not sure there’s an answer to any of those questions. Maybe Lion wishes I’d edge him more, but he also wishes I’d go all the way. I’m not sure how reliable his input is. Fortunately, I can do anything I want. Lion isn’t complaining.

The good news is that Lion remembered punishment day this morning. Yay! I don’t know if he set six alarms, had notes all over the place, or he just remembered on his own, but good job, Lion! He won’t get swats for that at least. Before the weekend is up he might be getting swats for other reasons, but he’s safe from that rule.

[Lion — For the record, I was thinking back to my burning buns last night. It was a great reminder to tell Mrs. Lion today is punishment day.]

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