Month: July 2019

I found another mean paddle. I knew it was mean, but it’s one of the ones I brought up from the dungeon the other day. It’s a Hanson  bloodwood paddle with tread tape on it. I used both sides on

As you may have read, I managed to rack up a total of nine days of punishment — spankings and other activities I hate. This isn’t for a single offense. I started out earning five days for repeatedly forgetting to

I think it was about a week ago Lion wrote that I didn’t unlock him and that was fine since it’s completely up to me when I unlock him. I hadn’t said anything to him about not unlocking him. In

Lioness 3.0 is here! You might think a more vigilant, strict wife would painfully complicate my life. That’s not entirely true. 3.0 has a much easier-to-understand approach to me. For example, wearing a chastity device has been a bit hit