Month: August 2019

Dream vs. Nightmare

I like to think I’m an optimistic pessimist. I know this is going to suck but I’m hoping for the best. Just before they whisked Lion away for his surgery, the nurse told us they usually use clear eyepatches. Clear!

Today Is The Day

We’re heading out this morning to the surgical center for me to get minimally invasive glaucoma surgery in my right eye. The surgical procedure itself, should take about 10 minutes. It’s a newfangled procedure designed to be as gentle as

Attitude Adjustment

I don’t consider myself a patient person. My coworkers might disagree. They think I have the patience of a saint with everything that has happened to Lion this year. A less patient person would have killed him a long time

Maybe I Should Just Flip A Coin

There hasn’t been much sexual activity around here. I’m taking a powerful drug that makes me sleepy and for all I know less interested in sex. Mrs. Lion is tired because she’s not sleeping well. We’re both worried about my